Our Vision

Our Vision

Our experts are here to help with the ever-changing landscape of healthcare

What we do

What if you could reach your goals in a smarter way and do it through a community of people dedicated to your success? InnovateU focuses on what truly matters to you, developing a strong business model to ensure the growth of your practice while allowing you to be a more efficient practitioner. We accomplish this by sharing what we know with one another and finding new and improved ways to practice healthcare.

Our vision

InnovateU was founded with the vision of offering private practices a solution to not only maintain their independence but to excel. Our goal is to provide unmatched services to each client, regardless if it is a onetime practice assessment or a lifelong partnership. We understand that in healthcare there is no “one size fits all” and we take pride in our ability to adapt in order to ensure success. We offer a variety of packages from an “a la carte” approach where you determine which service meets your practices needs, all the way to a complete billing and practice management solution.


What separates InnovateU from other companies? We know that our expertise lies within the world of healthcare and to meet the needs outside of that scope we have vetted and partnered with leaders in fields such as IT and bookkeeping/accounting. We have an exclusive working relationship with these companies so that we are able to package services at a savings our clients would not be able to achieve on their own. We work seamlessly with our partners as one team by assigning one point of contact. These partners are experts at their trade, with the capacity to meet and exceed all of your needs. This allows InnovateU to deliver not only savings but true industry knowledge to our clients.