Boost revenues and improve performance

Practice Management

Practice Management

We offer solutions for physicians to improve efficiency and drive revenue at their medical practice while enhancing the overall patient experience.

Quality Practice Management.
Quality Patient Care.

Anywhere you look in the healthcare industry there is an ever-increasing demand for medical practices to grow revenues and simultaneously decrease expenses all while maintaining excellent patient care. This reality places a large burden and excess stress on physicians and other practice leaders. The lack of time, money, and resources to manage these demands can prove to be too much. That’s where InnovateU comes in. InnovateU provides services so that you can focus on providing high-quality patient care. Our expertise covers everything from billing and practice operations to, human resources, contracting and credentialing, compliance, accounting, and finance. With years of healthcare knowledge and experience we’re able to provide tailored services perfect for practice to ensure you not only meet but exceed your goals. Our services include:

  • Analysis of data and support for decision-making
  • Administrative functions: human resources, accounting, payroll
  • Management of practice operations

  • Onboarding of physicians as well as physician integration

  • Planning and growth management tailored to your specific needs


The financial aspects of a medical practice are extremely important. InnovateU can assist in a variety of ways. Whether you’re looking to enhance the performance of billing, increase managerial resources, or stabilize your staffing expenses, we will assist you in developing and implementing strategies meant to improve your bottom line. Some of the financial services that we provide include:

  • Establishing correct accounts payable and cash planning systems
  • Compliance monitoring
  • Programs to enhance clinical documentation

  • Benchmarking of current practice operating overhead percentage
  • Generation of yearly budgets